The development of the logic of the Group is a path that NSM Group has followed for several years. Thus, we can give the market a complete and unique product in relation to all communication and logistic needs.

The idea of proposing the clients a general contractor, able to meeting more and more comprehensive needs, opened up with NONSOLOMEETING in 1988. In 2000 the Travel Agency and Tour Operator NSM TRAVEL – ITALY DMC and PROVIDER SALUTE (provider ECM) were founded to support Nonsolomeeting. In 2010 iCOMUNICAZIONE came to birth to go along with the increasingly importance of communication in the Events. From then on NSM GROUP has reached its definitive structure. Recently NSM Group has invested, to successful completion, in its own location in the centre of Milan: SPAZIO CAIROLI Downtown Milan Event Space The client could accordingly makes use of the single structures of the Group otherwise rely on NSM Group for the development of every aspect of the project.


We establish Nonsolomeeting
NSM Travel is our Incentive Travel House
Provider Salute realize training events for Ministero della Salute
iComunicazione, the new instrument for Events
NSM GROUP has reached its definitive structure
Spazio Cairoli, Milan Downtown Event Space



 Spazio Cairoli is the location of NSM Group downtown in Milan.

500 square metres, high technology and a variety of services available for company events.


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“If you can measure it, you can improve it”

Learning Integration Supply Activities

Training is a company professional tool. It’s not a technique or simple practice, but it’s a path. This path perfectly realizes into three stages that represent the ideal learning process:




The need to set up a nerve centre for the management of the training activities arises from the requirement to perform the tasks of communication contents and organizing secretariat.
This “Hub Office’ is called LISA (Learning Integration Supply Activities) and represents the interaction of NSM GROUP team  systematically involved all year long.
In order to complete the offer LISA proposes the implementation of a customizing platform that is capable of handling e-learning contents and blended (residential, distance and field) training and returning reports and KPI related to the changing budgets, as well as the logistics of the  goods and the storehouse.
For residential Training NSM Group provides an adequate and technologically advanced location: SPAZIO CAIROLI Downtown Milan Event Space.


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“It takes a very long time to become young”
Over 25 years of experience in Events, hundreds of locations used in Italy and abroad, thousands of participants involved. A perfect mixture of experience, strict organization, passion and attention. All that is NONSOLOMEETING. Our method of working is an always customized systemic approach aimed at the company goals and with constant focus on the budget. The logistic department takes care of the whole process: suppliers, participants and contents. A complete organization that doesn’t omit any detail but rather plays with it with creativity, always in collaboration with the other companies of the Group. A large variety of solutions and opportunities for the realization of successful company Events.
“Marketing is more than selling and advertising”
iCOMUNICAZIONE completes the offer of NSM Group as a ’general contractor’ by proposing Below the Line, Direct and Trade Marketing Campaigns. The projects, which are developed in synergy with the other resources of the Group, make it possible to integrate any internal and external communication strategy with events and on/off line marketing activities. Thanks to their know-how, iCOMUNICAZIONE develops creative proposals in line with the needs of the Client. They realize internally every step of the project, from the designing to the implementation and the follow-up.
“Keep on moving and improve yourself”
NSM TRAVEL is the Incentive Travel House of NSM Group. It’s the Travel Agency and Tour Operator of the Group and coordinates the whole logistic management. The long experience, the network of destination management companies and international partners guarantee the completeness and the right customization for every incentive travel. ITALY-DMC accompanies and supports the offer of NSM Travel. Especially in the EXPO time ITALY-DMC is able to provide to the incoming tourism the most world renowned resources of the Italian artistic, cultural, touristic and food and wine heritage, with particular focus on the excellences of Made in Italy fashion and design.
“ Solutions and Events for the Health System”
PROVIDER SALUTE is an innovative approach to the demands of the Health System and their basic guide lines as respect for the rules and ethics. The necessity for an increasing education and training level, upon less and less financial resources, requires a new view of the system. For this reason we worry about meeting the different needs and relieve the professionals from the logistic and organizational work. Thanks to a mixture of congress, technological, scientific, regulatory and pharmaceutical know-how Provider Salute fulfills thoroughly the education and training needs. Provider Salute has been authorised by the Italian Ministero della Salute to plan and realize education and training events both residential and DL.